Duncan Homes
Duncan Homes was started in 2001 to develop and invest in luxury properties at the New Jersey shore. Since then, Duncan Homes has developed and built over 300 single family and duplex properties, primarily in the City of Ocean City. The goal of our firm is to develop, build, and invest in upscale properties in sought after locations using the finest design and materials.

Development: We specialize in real estate development. If you are interested in purchasing a new home, investing at the shore, or have an older home to sell, please contact us.

Building: Our approach to building is to combine the finest design and materials and to complete a home within budget and on time to provide our customer with a new home that can be used and appreciated for multiple generations.

Investing: Many of the homes we build are purchased for investment purposes, to gain rental income. We build homes appropriate for the location in terms of design and cost, to maximize net rental income for our investment customers. In addition to our existing homes under development, we can build an investment property for you whether you have an existing lot, or we find a lot for you.

Selling: Do you have an older home that you may consider selling? Selling a home that has been in the family for many years can be emotional. We provide options based on your timing and your risk tolerance.

Option 1. We provide you with a competitive offer to purchase your home, with no contingencies and we pay your closing costs. You close at a time of your preference in as soon as 30 days. This is the simplest way to sell and puts money in your pocket the quickest.

Option 2. We approach local builders and developers and provide you with the highest sales price. With 20 years of experience, we have the contacts and sales ability to get you the highest price for your home while still making the process an easy one for you. This may take slightly longer and require more involvement but is still relatively quick and easy.

Option 3. You become our partner and keep your money invested in the property while we develop, build, and sell a new home. You make more money but wait a year to sell and take some market risk.

Option 4. We build a duplex, zoning permitting, and you take one unit in exchange for contributing the land while we take and sell the other unit.

Duncan Homes — Developing, Building, and Investing at the shore

Duncan Homes
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